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      1. Publisher: 江西教育出版社



        Langlang Chinese Elementary

        分類:小學 ,系列,簡體
        Course Category: Elementary , Series Course, Simplified Chinese
        • 課本/練習Textbook / Workbook
        • 識字卡Vocabulary Cards
        • 老師用書Teacher’s Guide
        • 教材套裝Courseware Sets
        • 在線課程Online Interactive Course
        Welcome to Yes! Chinese, the most effective Chinese learning experience by Yes! Chinese.
        Langlang Chinese is a complete Chinese Language learning curriculum for young students. It integrates comprehensive in-class instruction with interactive home studies. The Langlang Chinese adheres to the Hanban Youth Leaner Chinese Test (YCT) standard. 
        Langlang Chinese engages students with interactive online animated courses and highly intuitive textbooks. It fully utilizes the latest education technologies to offer a content-rich Chinese language learning experience for both classroom and home environments. 
        The Chinese Starter book set includes both a textbook and a work-book.  Supplementary materials include flashcards, interactive CDs, and online courses. We also provide a detailed teaching guide for teachers. 
        The development of the Langlang Chinese program was a collaborative effort between Chinese language scholars, experienced teachers, and enthusiastic parents across the English-speaking world. The material is easy to teach, fun to learn, and one of the most effective courses available today. 
        Please enjoy. 
        • 課本/練習

          Textbook / Workbook


          Some textbooks include workbook as a set, while many others are sold separately. Online course is not included.

        • 課本



          The student’s textbook,some textbooks include related teaching material(such as CD-ROM). Online course is not included.

        • 練習冊



          The student’s homework,some workbook is divided into single or even numbers volume ,some only a single book.

        • 識字卡

          Flash Cards


          Some course may offer vocabulary cards (flashcards), printed on binding paper, as the course supplementary material. Some cards may not pre-cut.Flashcards may be included as part of textbook purchase, or may charge additional to the main textbook.

        • 教師用書

          Teacher’s Guide


          Highlight key learning points, and offers general guidance on how to use the courseware. Some course sessions include the step by step structions.

        • 教材套裝

          Textbook Package


          The combination of paper textbook and realted teaching material.there are a variety of forms,such as “paper textbook&CD-ROM”,”paper textbook&online course”etc..

        • CD-ROM



          CD-ROM contains course audio files, or interactive courseware. Some textbooks include CD-ROM, while many others are old separately.

        • 在線下載



          PDF files are the digital version printed courseware. Some course may only offer PDF download. Online course and PDF download are the separate charge courseware, and calculated individually.

        • 在線課程

          Online Courses


          Online courses include interactive multimedia clips covering major learning points, and some or all course activities and exercises. It enables easy teaching and happy learning for both teachers and students.

        • 其他教具



          Teaching used to cooperate with other tools,such as teaching kcal,word cards,wall charts,etc..